Safety measures

Dear customers,

In accordance with the current health and safety guidelines, our team is doing its utmost to ensure that you enjoy a warm welcome and a safe dining experience.

From 9 June:

We will be thrilled to welcome you to our shady terrace which will be open in its entirety.

Our restaurant can accommodate 50% of the maximum number of people allowed by the regulations in force, while respecting social distancing. Staff members are not taken into account when calculating this figure.

After being handled, our menus are carefully cleaned by our staff. A QR code can be used to view the menu on your mobile phone

We encourage you to pay at your table to limit movement within the restaurant.

We manage our customers’ movements to limit any interactions.

Guests must be seated; it is not permitted to eat or drink standing up.

A maximum of 6 people can eat together at a table, including adults and children.

From the age of 11, a mask must be worn when moving around the restaurant, during ordering, before the first dish is served and when paying.

A mask must simultaneously cover the nose, mouth and chin when worn. The mask must be designed for the general public with a filtration rate of over 90% or a surgical mask and must not be damaged.

We provide hydroalcoholic gel at the restaurant’s entrance and exit, on the terrace and in the toilets; please contact our teams if necessary.

We do our utmost to ensure that hygiene and ventilation rules are followed.

We encourage you to use the Tous AntiCovid application.

As you enter the restaurant, you can access a digital version of these rules by scanning a QR code with the Tous AntiCovid application. A paper version can also be used if necessary.

From 30 June:

We will be thrilled to welcome you to our terrace and our dining room which will both be open in their entirety.

Although our capacity has changed, the safety measures of 9 June continue to apply.

We are thrilled to see you again and we would like to thank you for putting your trust in us.

The Team